Marketing online can get messy. So many different stratagies to use and more shiny objects than we can count to promote.

I have learned over the years that following these 3 simple steps will allow you to F.O.C.U.S. (Follow One Path Until Successful) and keep you from getting into so much overwelm that you flounder like a fish out of water or simply just give up.



When it comes to the first step in developing a consistent traffic source my first go to is Leads Leap. You can run your entire online marketing business from this platform. I know because I do. Traffic. Capture pages, tracking and email marketing with there partner Send Steed is all in one place and it works . Deleverability of emails is always spot on and I get new leads from the traffic side on a regular basis.

From there we teach how to start networking other traffic mailers so you can maximize your efforts on a daily basis. I always start new marketers with Traffic Leads To Income or TL2I. This platform can also be used to build a marketing business but I use it just for the traffic and “downline builder” (Most all traffic mailers have these features.).

To help keep all this organized we use Referral Frenzy which allows us to go in daily, pick the mailers we want to use and send all from one click to thousands of viewers.

We also have a couple other mailers we use not networked into Referral Frenzy but are still powerful stand alone platforms.

Take the time to start learning these tools and you will start building a list that can turn into a regular dialy income sourse for you and your business.

Keep Hustling!

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ Simple Home Business Solutions

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