I’ve been pondering what program / opportunity I really wanted to settle down and make sure I promoted the hardest. You know …the one that you can say is really where you want to be. – Make since?

==> Review Video of all 3 programs

So I have been dropping a link to Prosperity marketing in my recent email PS area, under my sign off.

I did some research on that one vs Lead Lighting and Leads Leap

PMS (Prosperity Marketing System) is still relevant and growing program – I rediscovered there are some good traffic training videos within that system and Jeff Aman is still the guy teaching in them.

Lead Lighting has a newer looking updated sales page and funnel system also with some traffic training. Was leaning towards them more just because they have a more modern look to them. However to really dive in deep you need to upgrade $30 a month into the bigger program called Power Lead System. PLS does everything Leads Leap does BUT…with out it’s own traffic system. Lead Lightening however is a decent way to generate new leads and get paid unlimited $6 commissions!

I think my friend and mentor Barry Cross has made $234 in Lead Lightening commissions per his recent video. 

Leads Leap however has one thing the others do not, actual traffic to build leads from. At the PRO Member level, you have 10 ads to run in a “set it and forget it” style.

I do not have to click for credits on Leads Leap. It just runs the traffic out to various sources. Some even from Google searches. 

So over all using all the tools in Leads Leap + the traffic is my clear winner.

Prosperity Marketing – Gets a win with it’s 100% commission structure. $12 commissions with a 2nd and 4th pass-up feature in it’s commissions structure.

Lead Lightening – if I didn’t already have Leads Leap would be more of a contender. I do still like it for lead generation. You get $6 commission where Leads Leap is Free until they upgrade. 

Hope this has been helpful for you as you work on where you want to “plant your flag” with an Affiliate Marketing Program

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ Jeff Beeman Online

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