One of the best ways to get started with re-selling is to find FREE inventory to list and sell.

Here are the top 5 places to find FREE stuff! 

1) In your homeGrab this PDF to see 47 items you can find and sell in your home.

2) Friends & Family– Tell friends and family what you are doing. Many time they will give you stuff they just want to get rid of.

3) Curb Side – People thorw out great stuff all the time. If you see items on the curb and are not to proud to stop …pick it up and get it listed.

4) Garage Sale Free Items – You may find at garage sales a free item box. don’t overlook it. You might also consider asking the sellers to contact you after the sale and you can haul it all off for them. Going to the donation center anyway so why not, you do the work and they still get rid of the stuff.

5) Keep an eye on FB Free groups and possibly Craigs List. The stuff is out there. You just have to go track it down.

BONUS – Dumpster diving. Again, people throw out crazy nice stuff. Sometimes even new items! Check with local laws for your area and if you dive in then go fot it!

Happy Selling! 

Jeff Beeman
eBay seller with a golf habit!