When we first start looking at Affiliate Marketing our first step will be to decide what market you want to be an affiliate for.

Three popular ones are: Health and Wellness, Make Money Online and Technology/Electronics.

Please note all of these are pretty saturated so you need an edge to get noticed. That edge can start with your capture pages. We need to offering something different than the other hindreds of marketers out there.

This vidoe will help you structure you strategy to make sure leads are going into your buyers list.


Quick Re-cap:

You need a capture page / splash page with an offer that provides a solution. 

That sets you up for a direct sale on a thank you page ansd also gets the new lead into you buyers list. If they do not buy right away you can then continue to follow up with them over the life of your campagin. 

Common rule of thumb – keep then on your list until they buy or unsubscribe.

Keep Hustling!

Jeff Beeman

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