Oncce you have somebody submitting there name and email to your ladning or capture page you do not want to lose them. This “how to” is a small but crucial step!

When using Leads Leap as you primary funnel and page platform there is one little step that is easy to miss and could cost you a new subscriber. 

When this step is missed a subscriber does not have to verify his email and still gets to see your promotion. The prolems then you can not continue to drip emails to them for follow up.  When they do not verify you you can not add them to an email series or broadcast to them. 

Basically they are not giving you permission skipping part of the 2 step vaification enabling you legally to continue sending them emails. It would be considered spamming at that point. 

==> Push Play On Video For The Fix! 


Lets recap:

1) You need will need to set up an email series for each capture page if you are promoting multiple offers. This makes it easier to make sure you add the bridge page or promotion to the correct capture page. This enables you to then send broadcasts t all of your lists when needed.

2) If you do not use the correct field for the capture page your subscriber does not have to verify the email address and you will not be able to continue ssending them emails in a series or broadcasts. 

 Let’s go fix our lists! 


Jeff Beman
Owner @ Simple Home Business Solutions Poweredd by GLN