Referral Frenzy is much more than just a traffic site. This is a complete organizatinal tool for 100+ mailers and traffic exchanges.

You can do everything from this site including joining all the mailers on the board. Set up your ads going oout to those maiers and exchanges. tRack your progress as far how many click your ads are getting. Set up a weeks worth of scheduled ads and so much more. 

Give Referral Frenzy a look here and push play to watch out video review. 

We use Referral Frenzy daily to make sure we are maximizing out mailer traffic. 

The site itself is a little overwhelming with all the optons but with a few short trainings you can be up and runnig pretty quickly. 

Watch for further “How To” videos on this site as we continue to add content here and on our YouTube channel. 

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ Simple Home Business Solutions Powered By Leads Leap